Release v1.35 on Dec 19 2017

New Features and Capabilities

3rd Party Identity Provider (SSO) Support

  • SSO product (Currently supporting Okta and OneLogin and post 4/1/2017 JumpCloud customers) integration creation and product mapping.
  • SSO product application discovery and management.

Dashboard Analytics Enhancements

  • Upcoming contract renewals chart depicting number of contracts, total contract value and renewal timing.
  • Active user analytics depicting percentage of users that are of the following statuses:
    • Active (has used the product within the last 30 days)
    • Underutilized (has used the product within the last 31 - 60 days)
    • Abandoned (has not used the product in the last 61 days or more)

Contract Overview

  • More flexible contract renewal overview depicting contract size relative to other contracts and contract renewal timing.
  • Contract listing sortable along several dimensions.

Contract Updates

  • Added the following contract fields:
    • End date
    • Enable and receive alerts on end dates
    • Modification date
    • Enable and receive alerts on modification dates
    • Termination date
    • Enable and receive alerts on termination dates
    • SLA Availability Requirement

Bug Fixes

  • Suspicious users also includes users that aren't in the customer's roster, but are in the product roster. Formerly this included only the user's that have been terminated, yet were still found in the product roster.
  • Fixed managed product search now searches tags AND product/vendor name.
  • Fixed OneLogin token exchange issue, null pointer when SSO doesn't have a label.