Release v1.41.1 on Jan 30 2018


  • Abandoned User Report Lists abandoned users by application, linkable (when available) to the team member and includes a CSV export capability
  • Contracts Become Product Licenses Contract nomenclature did not accurately describe the intent of the product to manage and provide costing for product license utilization
  • Dashboard Display For All But Employee Role User will see the summary dashboard for all but the random employee checking for subscribed applications (customer experience in token)

Bug Fixes

  • Removed app cost from listing when user is not in product administrator role
  • Point of contact assignment filter fixed (now recognizes both username and emails)


  • Added/standardized modal error message for contract save when missing required fields
  • Displays N/A for 'account active date' when the product integration does not offer active date tracking
  • SSO Managed Apps show last activity as N/A when no activity found instead of Unknown