SaaS Manager Data Sources

SaaS Manager pulls roster and activity data programmatically from three (3) sources:

  1. SSO (Single Sign-On)
  2. Direct Connect Integration via API
  3. Direct Connect Integration via Web Scraping

Single Sign On Data

Data pulled via single sign on comes from your company's configured SSO. One single authorization is required to populate a multitude of application data (ex. authorize Okta for all SSO data). From your SSO, SaaS Manager pulls: 

  • All applications connected to your SSO
  • A User Roster of all users assigned to each application AS REPORTED BY YOUR SSO
  • Sign on activity per user per application AS REPORTED BY YOUR SSO

This method of data extraction is managed entirely by your Single Sign On provider. The rosters and the activities are ONLY the rosters and activities as seen within your SSO. 

Direct Connect Integration Data

Data pulled via direct connect integrations come from the applications themselves either from an API or from Web Scraping (Directly from the Web Pages themselves). Each direct connect integration MUST be authenticated INDIVIDUALLY and data is being pulled form the application itself. For Direct Connect Integrations, SaaS Manager pulls:

  • (All Direct Connect Integrations) A User Roster of all active users of the authorized application AS REPORTED BY THAT APPLICATION 
  • (Most Direct Connect Integrations) Application Usage Activities per user AS REPORTED BY THAT APPLICATION - All Direct Integrations offer different activities to track. Some provide logins, some activity logs, some deep document usage data. To find out more about SaaS Manager Direct Connect Integrations and what activities they pull, go to "Common Application Activity Tracking."

Before beginning use of SaaS Manager, you should understand the differences in each data source and understand how you would like to go about pulling data for your organization. Best Practice: Integrate SSO and convert select integrations to Direct and/or add additional Direct integrations. 

For more information on the differences between SSO and Direct integrations, view the article "SSO vs. Direct Connect."