Navigating Licenses

Navigating Licenses and Possible Fields

Below is a breakdown of the basic License form within SaaS Manager. If you would like to add any additional fields to be tracked, please contact SaaS Manager support or your onboarding agent to facilitate the change. 

Product License

  • License Name - Required 
  • App
  • Effective Date - Required
  • Ending Date
  • Set Effective Date Reminder
    • When this is active and set, an email notification will be sent to this license's point of contact X days before the effective or end date of the license. 
  • Set End Date Reminder
  • Point of Contact 
  • Default User Assignment
    • When this option is selected, this license will become the default license under which users fall. When a user is found, they will automatically be assigned to this license. 
  • # of Users Allowed
    • This can be set to a particular number or to unlimited depending on the terms of the contract. 


Note - At least 1 expense is required for each license

  • Name
  • Cost Per Unit
  • Unit Type 
    • Is this expense per user, per organization, per system, etc?
  • Unit Count
  • Payment Frequency
  • Effective Date (if different from license effective date)
  • End Date (if different from license end date)
  • Include in Annual Cost
    • When this is set to active, this expense will be counted towards that contract's total annual cost. 

Additional Options

  • Related Documents
    • Here you may upload any related .doc, .docx, .pdf documents
  • Notes