Meta SaaS Privacy and Security

Meta SaaS Privacy and Security

Security is a topic we take very seriously at Meta SaaS. We understand. You want to know your data is being handled appropriately. Clients trust us to access their sensitive data on their behalf and we ensure that we are meeting more than just the basic security requirements. 

Meta SaaS Security Features: 

  1. Data Encryption in Transit and at Rest
    • All data accessed by Meta SaaS is encrypted using AES-256 encryption
  2. SAML Based Single Sign-On
    • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard protocol for Single Sign-On that uses secure tokens and eliminates all passwords. SSO instead uses standard cryptography and digital signatures to pass a secure sign-in token from an identity provider to the Meta SaaS application.
  3. Minimum Necessary Data Access
    • We will never ask for more than what we need as far as data accesses.
  4. Daily Vulnerability Scans
    •  Once a day, we run an inspection of the potential points of exploit on our network to identify and address any security holes.
  5. Comprehensive Audit Trails

Trust Meta SaaS to Ensure Your Company's Privacy and Security:


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