Active, Underutilized, and Abandoned Accounts

Active, Underutilized, and Abandoned Accounts

Each product's utilization is calculated using different measures based on what “activity” means for that specific vendor. For example, an activity could be signing into your account, sending an email, or adding a contact.


All accounts will be categorized as active, underutilized, or abandoned. 

Active - An individual has accessed their account within the past 30 days.

Underutilized - An individual has accessed their account between 30 and 60 days

Abandoned - An individual has not accessed their account in over 60 days. 

***Please Note***

The reporting function within the SaaS Manager application is always a "trailing indicator." This means that when you first add a vendor, the first 30 days of data will not show the correct indicators because of the lack of historical data. All analyses run on a cycle. Without historical usage information, the analysis will be incomplete as we do not have enough data to make determinations about the general activity.

Inactive and Abandoned Accounts

All abandoned or inactive accounts are listed under the "Users" section of your menu, in "Inactive."            (Users->Inactive) 

If "Days Since Last Activity" reads "Never Active," the user has not accessed the product in recorded history. Abandoned accounts are those that have not been accessed in over 60 days.