SaaS Manager Reports

SaaS Manager Reports


The SaaS Manager Dashboard is a summary screen that shows your apps, users, and unsanctioned spend as well as your active/underutilized/abandoned accounts and upcoming contract renewals.

Product Licenses (Apps -> Licenses)

The Licenses screen will display all active contracts based on their renewal date. Each circle coincides with a contract and will vary in size based on its relative annual spend.  

Licenses that do not have an end date will appear in the contract listings, but will not display in the graph at the top of your screen. 

App Usage

The App Usage display includes reports for (1) App Spend Efficiency and (2) App Status Over Time

Unsanctioned SaaS Spend (Apps -> Unsanctioned)

The "Unsanctioned SaaS Spend" table only appears when your company has connected an expense/financial software to SaaS Manager.  Here you will see all expenses that are or could constitute your SaaS spend. 

  • Unsanctioned Apps: Your unsanctioned apps are all "apps" found in your financials that you are not currently managing via the SaaS Manager platform. 
    • If an app is already managed, a (!) will appear next to the app name, signifying its presence in your app catalog
  • Unsanctioned Annual Spend: Your unsanctioned annual spend is the total amount spent on those unsanctioned apps.

Inactive and Abandoned Users (Users -> Inactive)

Here you will find an exportable listing/report of all inactive and abandoned users per application across your account. This list will only include applications in which we monitor activity. 

If "Days Since Last Activity" reads "Never Active," the user has not accessed the product in recorded history. Abandoned accounts are those that have not been accessed in over 60 days. 

Individual Application Activity

Here you will find an exportable listing/report of all accounts within an application and what the activity categorization is for each. Ex. Are they active, abandoned, etc.?

To obtain this data, click on the application you wish to view. Navigate to "Users". To get a more manipulatable version of this report, click the "Export to .csv" button on the top left. 

Per User Utilization

Utilization Graph (Users -> All -> UserEmail -> Utilization)

The Utilization graph shows an individual's usage patterns over the last 90 days 

Activity (Users -> All -> UserEmail -> Activity)

The activity table shows more thorough details of a user's usage patterns over the past 90 days. It details what actions were taken in the application when that particular action occurred, and any notes about said access. 

App Accesses (Users -> All -> UserEmail -> App Accesses)

The accesses table details all of the apps a user has licenses for or access to, when their accounts were activated or deactivated and when their last activity was with a particular application.